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Tweetup in Huntsville —

 Huntsville Tweetup December 30th   I just got back from the tweetup in Huntsville, AL at Angel’s Island Coffee House.  This was a greet meetup with a diverse group.  We had folks from three TV stations, a number of Alabama students or grads, social media experts, PR experts, and I’m not sure who else. Some […]

Huntsville Alabama Tweetup —

It turns out there are quite a few tweeters in Huntsville, Alabama and I saw a few of them start twittering about a tweetup a couple weeks ago.  I thought I’d post info to my blog and let you know how it goes. Right now it looks like it will be on December 30th at […]

Blog about blogs? —

I don’t mean this to be a blog about blogging. Eventually I’m move over to talking about all things 3D.  However, right now, I’m still setting up. I have started tracking visits to my site and it is growing but I’m a LONG way from anything professional.  My work blog gets WAY more hits. I’m […]

How to Create a Serious Blog —

I’ve been blogging, twittering and tumbling on various sites. What I haven’t done is set up a serious blogging platform until now. I figure I’d start my first blog on this while it’s all fresh in my memory. This isn’t totally new territory for me.  I’ve been reading blogs from a number of friends and even helped others […]