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Is Google+ Suspending Accounts for Wanting Privacy? —

Everyone knows I use a virtual picture for my twitter avatar and even on linkedin. For many it’s a bit of a joke and even unprofessional. The interesting twist, no doubt due to today’s increasing concern about privacy, is that I’ve now had a couple people mention how smart I am. With the ever increasing face recognition software, more […]

Predictions for 2011 —

I’ve been really bad about blogging here in 2010. I’ve kind of favored some other things in social media in 2010. Hopefully I’ll get back to more post in 2011. I do want to keep my predictions running since what I guessed in 2010 really sucked. I hardly went out on a limb but even […]

Predictions for 2010 —

Here are some predictions for 2010.  Check my last blog and my 2009 predictions for some background information. I don’t see the end of this social media explosion coming anytime soon. Maybe there will be a slowdown in a few apps like MySpace and maybe twitter but at the same time, I think it will […]

Sidewiki —

Google just came out with Sidewiki.  You can read more about on Jason Falls blog. I’ve registred me as the owner of with Google. Now I’m creating this blog post to see how it works. Do you have Sidewiki setup? If so, feel free to try it out on this page. Its just an […]

The Competition, War or Football? —

I was watching the latest talk on Balmer and the example he made of the guy with the Apple iPhone. For Balmer, he is at war with Apple. What they do is bad and what we do is good. I know people that won’t talk to me because that dialog might give me some credibility. […]

I’m Messing Up Your Twitter —

The thing many people hate about twitter is the noise.  If you are just there to socialize, it may not be a big deal but twitter can be pretty useful for more serious things too.  If you want to get information about cars or software or politics its there but likely burried in a bunch […]

Conferences and Social Media —

From plmconx I was off to my company’s conference last week.  I’ve been doing these things for many years, usually as a participant but more recently as someone that is actually working there.  My job this time was to make a couple presentations, help out on some hands-on presentations, talk with customers and squeeze in […]

Ketchup Tweetup —

Back in March, I noticed the Dulce Group started tweeting in Huntsville at @dghuntsville.  When I started following them, we exchanges a few DM’s about social media and tweetups. It seems they have adapted to this twitter thing very quickly since then. The other day I got a tweet  that the Dulce Group was looking into sponsoring […]

Using twitter with the least amount of effort —

I’m surrounded by people just getting started or are thinking about twitter. These are people who really aren’t interested in the technology but more the utility or are just afraid of falling behind. Some are asking “Do I Really Have To Join Twitter”   ?   So what is the minimum you can do to […]

There is Nothing New in Social Medial —

I’ve got a lot of friends trying to get a grasp of “social media”.  Why do it? How does it work? Should I we have special training or new security rules? How do I manage work and personal life on this new platform? The fact is these aren’t new problems, they are old problems.  For […]

March 2009 Huntsville Tweetup —

We had another interesting tweetup in Huntsville this month (thanks, Chris Depew for the above photo). I’m not going to try to post names of who was there since the tweetups seems to becoming increasingly virtual. I’d recommand you start tracking the #HSVTweetup tag to see who particpated. Frank Snyder was good enough to stream […]

Huntsville Tweetup In March —

  I just got word from @dananLewis that the next Huntsville tweetup will be March 19 at Angel Island Coffee at 6pm.  You can track any discussion about it using the #HSVTweetup tag. If you have not been to a tweetup before, this is a good place to start.  Angels has free Wifi and good […]

Helping Communities —

A lot of communities exists not only because of common interest but because its members can help each other out.  You might keep an eye on each other’s house in your neighborhood.  You might work together to support a school. I like how technology has brought us to the point where we can form communities […]

What is with the Stupid Avatar? —

In case you haven’t noticed, I use an avatar (cartoon figure) for most of my pictures.  You can even go to the more serious sites like linkedin and find it. If you google “mark burhop”  under images, I don’t even think you will find me there, just my avatar.  Sometimes I get a bit of […]